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The Power of Purpose

Transform culture and performance by connecting to what matters.

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Power Dynamics in

the Workplace

Elevate your leaders so they leverage their influence to serve others and the mission.

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Embrace Adversity &

Achieve Excellence

Tap into the power of connection to navigate adversity and rise above.

Vidl Work Keynotes

Vidl Work speakers have extensive experience creating and presenting memorable, thought-provoking, and motivating keynote presentations for a wide range of audiences. Working in partnership with event organizers, we’ll deliver existing or new custom content in a way that draws people in, teaches and engages, tells meaningful stories, and sparks new and transformational conversations.


Our keynote presentations are highly relevant and current, but also heartfelt and deeply relatable for each audience.  From individual resiliency…to culture change…to courageous leadership…to building team connections and more, our topics run the gamut of today’s most pressing workplace issues.

Our Clients


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